Alain Courdavault — Premium Oyster Farming using ElectraPay

Today, after three years of development, we are excited to share that Electra’s has reached another milestone in our roadmap to mass adoption. In doing so, we are confident that our innovative technologies have reached a point in development that it can meet the constraints of even the highest volume user, as well as businesses of all sizes seeking profitable moderns means of payment.

With the release of ElectraPay MVP, we are proud to support the French company “Les Huitres Alain Courdavault” in achieving its global business development goal. In this interview, Emmanuel Courdavault explains why his company decided to integrate Electra’s solutions into the heart of its international development strategy.

  1. Can you introduce yourself, tell us who you are, where you’re from, what your background is:

> I run an oyster farm based in the world-renowned region of Marennes-Oléron. I have been doing this since 2013. Before that, I was a trader in London and Dubai, where I managed an Emerging portfolio.

2. Tell us about your company history:

> We are fourth-generation oyster producers. We sell top of the line, premium products in France, as well as the rest of the world. We have clients in Spain, Holland, Germany, Dubai, and Singapore. My dad started this business in 1990, and I took over two years ago due to the unfortunate fact that since he is ill.

3. What’s your turnover? Your number of employees? What volume of oysters do you sell each year?

> We turn around 2 million euros and we have four full-time staff in the low season and up to 25 in the busy season leading to Christmas. In two weeks, we will experience a turnover of approximately 1/3 of our team.

> As a point of reference, we packaged around 400 tons of oysters in 2019.

4. Who are your customers, and where do you export to?

> We currently have around 30 reseller clients over the world

> Through these clients, we have the potential to reach over a hundred thousand unique customers per year as we mainly sell small packaging of our oysters (up to 4 kg or roughly 9 lb) to wholesalers who then distribute them to supermarkets. In 2019, we sold 105,000 of packaging in France, Europe, which would include Holland, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. We have found that the market seems to go for those small baskets, whereas a few years ago, we sold most of our product through larger 8 to 15 kg (17 to 33 lb) baskets.

Our main goal is to have one strong partnership per region, so we are present in Dubai, Singapore, Ukraine, and Holland. And, this year we are looking into expanding in Asia, mainly in China and Hong Kong. We are present in Grand Frais, which is one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in France. Grand Frais specializes in fresh products.

5. What are your prospects for development?

> We’re looking to increase our presence in Asia and increase our market share by selling online. We are also investing in the traceability of our product so clients can access complete information on the product received. This information will be obtained through a QR code on the packaging lid.

6. What does the blockchain mean for your business?

> This will be a way forward that will offer complete transparency to our clients.

> Partnering with Electra will enable us to be one of the first in the world to move towards the revolution of blockchain technology, which in turn will offer such advantages as fast and secure payments, as well as reporting methods. As previously stated, we have found that more and more clients want traceability of products, which blockchain will enable.

> I believe Electra’s blockchain and its ElectraPay technology offers the best of both worlds. Both are the future of our market, where individuals can place an online order and have the product delivered to their home or work address while tracking the product from start to the time it arrives on their doorstep. We intend to use this integration to show our clients that we are one step ahead of the market and that they can rely on us to deliver great products in this fast and ever changing new world that is upon us.

7. Why did you choose Electra? What are the advantages of this blockchain for you? What do you want to get out of it?

> Looking into the future, I believe Electra is one of these little gems that is an excellent investment over the next few years. I’ve been told in glowing terms about ElectraPay and how blockchain will enable me to be one of the pioneers in my field, as I intend to use the potential that blockchain brings to be ahead of the game.

8. What’s the advantage for your customers?

>Traceability, reassurance on all aspects of the product, as well as, product and purchase discounts.

9. What can you tell me about ElectraPay?

> In addition to offering a great way to increase the speed of transactions, Electra offers my retail clients the opportunity to lower the overall cost when they order online due to its extremely low processing fees.

10. How do you see the future with Electra? What do you think it will bring to your business?

> This summer, I will open an oyster bar in Île d’Oléron, which is the largest island on the French Atlantic coast and a very popular tourist destination. To show our strong belief in Electra, we will offer our customers who pay with ECA special advantages. To fulfill this promotion, I plan to use Electra’s mobile wallet as a payment terminal.

> Electra has an enormous future in front of it. The potential that ElectraPay will bring, along with blockchain possibilities such as accessibility to product information, sets the world up for the revolution facing us!

Emmanuel Courdavault

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