Development & Marketing Update for January 2020

ElectraPay’s Pilot Phase Progress

There is a Chinese Proverb that states, “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” While we are aware that you are eager for the release of ElectraPay, please rest assured that Electra’s core team is far from standing still. We believe that we first impressions are critical, and we are striving to bring you a product as you have never seen before. However, before we can do this in a general public release, it is imperative that we thoroughly put ElectraPay through rigorous product testing scenarios for such things as application implementation and security, as well as usability testing. In order to do this, we are currently working to identify merchants who fit the criteria needed to test ElectraPay properly, and we will soon start with a small batch of testing merchants. After proper evaluation, we will slowly bring in additional merchants until we are absolutely confident in ElectraPay’s expected performance before releasing it for the world to use.

ElectraPay API connection and Fiat conversion possibilities meeting with an exchange

As previously stated, ElectraPay will connect consumers and merchants through the usage of cryptocurrency. However, due to the fact that the majority of merchants are still purchasing their goods through fiat, as well as the fact that and there are fluctuations with cryptocurrency market prices, some merchants may prefer to accept fiat directly into their accounts. We are in discussions with exchanges to address this potential situation and ways that this can be remedied with conversions made directly within ElectraPay and even direct transfer to merchant bank accounts. The first meetings have been very exciting and full of brainstorming ideas. The next meeting will take place soon, where we will discuss the upcoming steps and also regulation needs for merchants.

ElectraPay Documentation

Documentation on how to set up an ElectraPay account, as well as how to use the Woocommerce plugin, is nearly complete. The documentation includes screenshots and a simple to follow step-by-step guide to install. Our core team is currently preparing the website contents, and we are expecting to start uploading those documents within the coming days.

Electra Android wallet GitHub submissions

We are continually collecting feedback from our official wallets. Whenever we receive bugs or some improvement requests, we evaluate the feedback and work to bring improvements to our wallets. We had some upgrades on our Android wallet during January, and an update will be released soon.

Block halving passed successfully

We believe that our blockchain, and the solutions built on top of it, is the most critical aspect of the Electra Project. With the success of our most recent halving, it has proven again that our network didn’t face a single obstacle and is working like a Swiss clock! This recent block halving also means that the staking of Electra is more difficult, and the inflation ratio is still under control.


Integrate CoinFalcon & STEX API in explorer. We now have Crex24, Coinfalcon, and STEX order books and trade history in the explorer. (updated every minute)


Cointelegraph article and interview with Robert Bakker

At the beginning of January, we received several media contacts to explain more about Electra and the solutions that can be built on top of it. Electra Foundation Chairman Robert Bakker had a short interview with Cointelegraph reporter Rachel Wolfson. We are once again thankful to the industry-leading media channel Cointelegraph for this chance to spread our voice to the world.

Link to Cointelegraph article:

Crypto Adventure article and interview with Robert Bakker

Based on our marketing activities, Robert Bakker was interviewed by another crypto market marketing service Crypto Adventure. You will be able to read the full details and interview through the following link:

AtomicDEX integration

During our Fork Phase 2 in 2019, we had the functionality of atomic swaps implemented into Electra’s core code. AtomicDEX platform, which is part of the promising project Komodo, decided to integrate Electra into its mobile trading platform, where users can do atomic swaps with other listed assets. We are proud of being this platform and our cooperation with the Komodo project.

Swace exchange listing and competition

The Swace project has built fascinating AR solutions and started closing deals with local agents of worldwide brands. The Swace project also has an exchange where several assets have been integrated for trading.

Swace recently announced a trading contest where users will be entitled to free ECA and SWACE. Details can be found through the following link:

Distribution of bounty to several developers for their contribution

Over the past few months, we had several developers contribute to the Electra ecosystem. Based on their honesty and hard work, the Electra Foundation once again decided to giveaway some bounty for their efforts.

The Electra Team

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