ElectraPay Development

As we continue to work towards the advancement of ElectraPay, we have executed a new development environment that will allow us to implement new features and processes without disrupting the live version.

We have also begun working on the design for the server hosted ElectraPay plugin that will allow any e-commerce website to accept payments through the use of ElectraPay.

Ideas for future ElectraPay features have been documented and will soon be prepared into technical requirements so that the development of ideas can start. The idea is to set up a bounty reward for each of these projects; through the use of the bounty rewards, we intend to attract new developers.

Improvements on ElectraPay POS Application

Development on the Point of Sale application is continuing to move forward with the following progress made. We are working to make the POS (Point of Sale) application as easy as possible for merchants and customers.

- The merchant enters their ElectraPay account information.

- The application connects to the ElectraPay back end and returns the order history of the shop.

- Merchants can create an order locally, generate the payment amount, and be paid by the customer using the Electra mobile wallet.

Click the following link to view an example of a real-time payment process using ElectraPay.

Completion of New Wallet Updates and Fork (V2.1.1)

We recently completed an important update that addressed necessary security features in regards to Cryptopia holdings. This update allows us to temporarily lock the addresses from Cryptopia, which in turn makes the holdings unspendable. This update protects mistakes or hacks from occurring, while the liquidator remedies a solution to return funds to customers.

Once the liquidator has completed the necessary recovery environment and we are satisfied with its security, all addresses will be unlocked, enabling Grant Thornton to start returning funds to affected customers.

The changelog of this version can be found on the following Github page: Electra Core Releases.

New Explorer Core Module Completed

Electra’s Explorer core module is currently being upgraded, allowing it to match the new features implemented in its core code v3.0. The updated Explorer is being developed from an entirely new code, which will bring a new API and a new design. The development upgrade is moving along very well, and once complete, it will open the door to a whole new market for Electra.

We look forward to when we can announce the completion of this Explorer upgrade to our community.

Electra v3.0

We are incredibly excited to announce that MAJOR changes are coming to the Electra Blockchain.

Compared to the current consensus, one of the most significant changes is the introduction of Electra Validators Nodes. This node type will play a massive role in the new blockchain, as it will allow a high level of transaction security while enabling merchants to use ElectraPay to confirm and receive payments instantly.

Another significant feature, Cold Staking, is unique in the blockchain market. Cold staking is a new way to stake while maintaining a high-security level on your node. While a full node will still be needed, the staking coins on this node won’t be physically there but an encrypted and secured “image” of your coins.

We will soon release an article that explains this very new and unique staking process.

While validator nodes and cold staking are the primary focus of the blockchain upgrade, there is a lot more to come. We intend to release an online test network during the second half of 2020. We will then invite a team of testers from the Electra community to test the upgrades thoroughly.

Along with this new core code upgrade, a new wallet is being created and released once Electra v3.0 is ready for release.

Additional New Developments

While we would like to formally announce a new market that the Electra Project is focusing on, we are currently unable to do so due to protecting the additional direction that these developments will take the Electra brand. This ongoing development will compliant our primary goal of ElectraPay as a payment solution and will be a unique feature once implemented.

Rest assured that this is an exciting advancement as we work towards mass adoption. We will have more to share before the end of the year.

Woocommerce Plugin for WordPress

We recently submitted the ElectraPay Woocommerce Plugin for WordPress to WordPress. They have been in contact with us as we work towards implementing some necessary improvements to the plugin code before it can be added to the official WordPress database.

Marketing and Business Development:

Binance Research Report

Recently the Binance Research team decided to review a project not listed on their exchange. In doing so, they decided to organize a voting contest. Once again, Electra’s supportive and robust community came through, allowing the Electra Project to win the contest.

The Binance Electra research report can be found through the link: Binance’s Project Reports — Electra

The Electra team would like to publicly thank the Binance Research team for their professionalism in preparing this report. We would also like to show our appreciation for this opportunity once again.

Ajoobz Featured Project Contest

Ajoobz is one of the leading communities doing research and investigations on current crypto projects in the market. Ajoobz organized a contest to pick a project which will be listed on their website as a “featured coin” on their main page. Again, our community’s power allowed Electra to win the contest, allowing Electra to be listed as this month’s featured project. Visit Ajoobz to learn more.

HitBTC Listing

HitBTC is a Tier 2 exchange and has a decent volume in this market. Through a listing campaign, we were able to raise the necessary listing funds. ECA can be traded against BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Txbit Listing

Electra is also listed on the Dutch crypto exchange Txbit. Users are now able to buy and sell ECA against several fiat pairs on this exchange.

Uptrennd Social Network Account

The Electra team recently added the Uptrennd social network to bring about awareness of our announcements. As a way to introduce Electra, Uptrennd organized a small contest where they held a 200k ECA giveaway.

Completion of Electra Branding Guide

As previously mentioned, the Electra team is currently updating the Electra Project website and the ElectraPay website. In order to have a clear understanding of using the correct colors and text, we recently updated our branding guide.

Foundation Report:

Robert Bakker AMA with Blockrock

Robert Bakker was recently interviewed on the Blockrock Podcast. This interview was conducted by Bart van Maarsseveen, who is a well-known figure in the European blockchain space, monetizer of Komodo technology, and dad to the young, talented and already legendary KMD developer “Diesmaster.”

The Podcast can be found through the following links: Soundcloud and Spotify.

Robert also recently released a video update on YouTube. Please visit and listen to all that Robert has to share.

We are happy to share the exciting news that Bob will become a father next year! Join us in congratulating Bob and his wife!!

Other than that, it was a quiet month for the Foundation.

Whether you live in the northern half of the earth, we hope you are enjoying your summer. If you live down south, we hope you are staying warm. Above everything else, It is your hope you remain healthy!

Warm regards,

Raymond, Bob, and Robert

Please visit and follow us on:




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