Development & Marketing Update for March 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic

As the global health crisis continues to wreak havoc on the way we live and work, it seems that the entire world is still struggling to comprehend just how fast life can change. It appears that we have entered into a new normal, and that normal is currently evolving by the minute. There is no question that this pandemic is affecting the entire global population, and the challenges it has brought are unprecedented. However, we should remember that we are all in this together, and in the end, we will be stronger due to the lessons we learn during this time.

We should also remember that this is a time to give thanks, a time to reflect, a time to re-evaluate all that is important to us as we spend time with those we love. While the Electra team has taken time to do this, we have continued to contribute to the Electra Project. Our motivation to do so would not be possible without the support of our amazing and supportive community.

If there is one advantage that we have noticed during this time of a global society in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, it is the advantage that decentralization is bringing about. We genuinely feel that the Electra community is unique in many ways, as we are spread throughout the world, with the same goal in mind. Once again, we want to express our gratitude for the love and support you continue to show others during this time. We would like to ask each of you to continue to listen to the experts and “Stay Home & Stay Safe.” Once the curve has been flattened, and we are entirely confident that this terrible period is over, we will all celebrate in ways that we once took for granted, which will bring about an awakening to how sacred life truly is.

During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are considering releasing upcoming reports on a two-month basis. This would be done as an attempt to avoid any delays that may be brought on by the unexpected difficulties of our team members. Once the pandemic crisis has passed, we would resume to releasing a monthly report.

Electra Blockchain

We have started to work on an upgrade of the Electra Blockchain. This will be a significant update, as we will once again increase the blockchain security, as well as add new features and functionalities. Once complete, it will be a mandatory update for all users. In addition to the blockchain upgrade, we will release our new QT wallet that will incorporate these new additions.

While we initially did not expect to release the upgrades this year, we have found that the progress being made is exceeding our original expectations. Due to this development, we fully expect a release in the second quarter of 2020. There will be a substantial testing period beforehand, and we will continue to communicate the achieved progress as we continue to move forward.

Release iOS and Android mobile wallet

Version 1.0.2 — Changelog:

  • Integrate Seed URL
  • Language updates
  • Add Explorer TxID in transaction details
  • Update core module
  • Code cleanup
  • Note for users: “If you find translation errors or inaccuracies, or any other issues, please forward a screenshot and explanation to: ”

Huawei App Gallery Listing

The Electra mobile wallet was recently submitted to Huawei Application Gallery, and we are happy to announce that it has been approved. Users can now easily explore the Huawei App Gallery, find the Electra mobile wallet, and then easily install it onto their mobile devices.


  • In addition to minor fixes and improvements, we have started the process of consideration of the next phase of ElectraPay. Again, we will communicate on this in due time.
  • First orders received through ElectraPay

Les Huîtres Alain Courdavault, our first official merchant, has started receiving orders for their premium oysters through the use of ElectraPay.

  • Electra MVP completed officially

We proudly announced the completion of ElectraPay MVP. The road to this achievement was extremely time-consuming and not always an easy task as we did not want to release a product that did not fully meet our high-level of satisfaction. Moving forward, you can expect that we will continue to implement improvements, additional add-ons, and new features. We will share this information as changes are implemented.

  • Testing of the integration of new coins to ElectraPay has started, which we hope to include during the next phase.

ElectraPay website

ElectraPay release article


  • Articles covering Electra and ElectraPay

Articles covering Electra and ElectraPay are continuing to be released by various news websites. These articles are distributed through several news websites, which is bringing about much-appreciated recognition of the Electra Project.

  • STEX “Net Buying Volume” competition

During this past month, the STEX “Net Buying Competition” started with the aim of increasing the volume of $ECA at STEX exchanges. The competition went smoothly, and we experienced an increase in volume compared to the previous month. We hope our community members enjoyed this competition and we would like to congratulate the winners. STEX will announce the winners soon.

  • Electra Wall Watch gift give away for Turkish community

The Electra Turkish community decided to hold a giveaway and reward one lucky member with an Electra wall clock. This giveaway was organized and announced in March.

You may have noticed that the Vites Project recently announced their desire to utilize and implement the Electra core blockchain into their new fork. There are several ex-members of Electra in this project, and they wanted to use the Electra blockchain as their new algorithm to provide solutions to the blockchain industry. We are proud of being a preferred algorithm as it shows the strength and security of the Electra blockchain. We wish Vites all the best as they work to achieve their desired success in their new journey.

We want to share that due to the unfavorable period, the entire world has faced over the past several weeks, our Electra Spirit (Jasmine) decided to step down from her position. She stated that she no longer holds the desire to be involved in crypto; however, her heart is still with the Electra project. We want to express our appreciation for her contributions and the level of positivity she brought to Electra, and wish her success on her new journey.

We would also like to share that we have added two new team members to the Electra team. Caribou is an iOS mobile developer joined, and Exone has joined as a business and strategy advisor. Please join us in welcoming these two new members.

One final note as we continue to face the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic as brought about. Let’s not make normalcy the new buzzword. There is nothing normal about this, and there shouldn’t be. We need to experience the uniqueness of the moment so that we can learn from it instead of trying to distract from it. This is a learning moment for all of us, and one that that should bring about a lasting change that will cause us to slow down and appreciate all that we have grown to take for granted. Until next month, please continue to take care.

The Electra Team

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