Development & Marketing Update for November 2019

Exchange updates

  • STEX listing completed: Electra is now listed on the STEX exchange. Currently, ECA is paired with BTC, however, additional pairings may happen in the future.
  • Altsmarkets listing completed: ECA can now be found on Altsmarkets, with a BTC pairing. This occurred after one of our community members successfully contacted Altsmarkets and initiated the conversation for Electra to be listed.
  • C-PatEx listing completed: During November our community members started a voting campaign for C-PatEx. With the help of our community, ECA ranked as #1 in its monthly voting process and is now listed and is paired with BTC, LTC, and DOGE.
  • Crex24 listing completed: Crex24 organized a 2nd voting campaign for a free listing on its exchange. Electra was one of several projects invited to participate. With the support of our community, along with a show of support from several friendly different projects, Electra won the contest. We greatly appreciate the support of all that were involved in this listing.
  • Halodex voting ended: While Electra ranked third in the voting process, the Halodex team contacted us afterward to discuss the possibility of being listed for free. We are still in discussions regarding this matter.

iOS wallet

  • The design is complete, however, testing may prove that additional work is needed. Should tests show that work is needed, we are confident that it should not take long to make the necessary changes.
  • Code has been cleaned up from all non-ECA-related BRD functions.
  • Beta-testers have been identified with testing scheduled to start soon.
  • The final review of language packages to check for accuracy is currently underway.


  • Account Contact: As an account created, the contact details for that account is now in place, along with the capability to update information as needed.
  • Order Menu Option: On the order menu options page the following information is available.
  • Order Summary: This shows the number of orders that have been received and awaiting payment, the number of orders where a payment has been received, the number of orders where the amount has been settled, and lastly the number of orders that have been rejected or reversed.
The order statistics can be shown daily or monthly
  • Recent Orders: A list of recent orders is displayed. The user can search for an order by entering the unique reference number of the order.
Table that shows an overview of recent orders
  • Chart: This will show the value of orders that have been received versus those that have been settled. The chart can display by month or day depending on the selection made.
Received vs. settled orders in chart
  • · Electra Price: The current price for Electra is displayed.
Current price of Electra is also displayed in the dashboard

QT wallet

  • Implementation of continuous integration, to secure and verify the integrity of changes made to the code and its proper compilation.
  • Updating files used in other methods of compiling and development (Qmake, Travis, etc.)

Electra University

Update from the Electra Foundation

Friends of Electra

Automate donations via staking rewards

Preparations Tier 1 Exchange listing

Year- end Board Meeting

Until next month…

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