Development & Marketing Update for October 2019

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  • Use access JWT tokens and refresh tokens: The implementation of JWT tokens will ensure that a merchant is authenticated and able to transact securely.
  • Account registration is completed: Merchants will soon be able to register for ElectraPay. Once ElectraPay is fully operational, registered merchants will receive a welcome email and will then be able to set their password upon their first login.
  • Forgot password is completed: Merchants who forget or lose their password will be able to securely reset their password.
  • Landing page: This the pre-login page that all visitors will be able to access. It will be a basic website that contains ElectraPay product information, guidelines, and a FAQ section.
  • Account details edit: Once the merchant has logged in, they will be able to view their information. Users will also be able to modify their current information.
  • Generate API Keys: The account will have an API key linked to it. If a user decides to use a payment gateway plugin on their e-commerce site, they will need an API Key to integrate ElectraPay into it.
  • Edit settings: There is some basic account information that is required to be set.
ElectraPay cccount settings page (1/2)
ElectraPay cccount settings page (2/2)

iOS Wallet development update

  • Completed: Modified the UI of the bread wallet clone to remove multi-currency and integrated ECA as the main currency.
  • Completed: Added terms of agreement screen on the registration page.
  • To do: Work through each screen to ensure that the look and feel is the same as the android wallet.
  • To do: Fix the menu and submenus design and functions, (an ongoing task).
  • To do: Testing of all functionality and ensure the integration into the ECA blockchain is functioning correctly.
  • To do: Integrate correct translation.
Electra iOS app welcome and transactions screen

Progress made by user support department

  • Looking at new tipbots to have control when bots go down to get them back up sooner.
  • Integrating update notification in the desktop QT wallet to inform the user of new mandatory updates and optional updates

Electra University


Electra integrated into Ledger device
Electra wallet address on Ledger device

Follow the work of Electra developers — explained

A word from Jenova

To conclude this report

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” — John Wooden



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